Photo Retouching

Lets face it...

As much as I encourage self love, there are still some things that you won't want remembered forever. Take my niece, for example. I do my sister's family portraits regularly, and this time our session was scheduled right after her third birthday. Her third birthday was monumental for her, because this was the deadline for her pacifier. While she has done well with the loss of her pacifier emotionally, she physically has taken to licking her lips and mouth which has caused a blemish so awful that she needed cream to make sure it wouldn't get infected.

When you hire me, you have the option to ask for photo retouching to erase problems like this. I would never encourage erasing parts of your body that make you, you, but acne? Random blemishes that pop up? A rash on your arm? Evening out skin tone? For sure! For people who want exceptional photos and want double chin removal, I now offer this service. PLEASE do not take the fact that I offer this service as a declaration that I am not body friendly. I AM BODY FRIENDLY. I just like to be open minded to everyone's wants and needs, and some people are okay with a double chin, and some aren't! I personally have a double chin but so does my gram, and I wouldn't trade my two chins for the world because my gram is a wonderful, double chinned ray of sunshine (most days).

Photo retouching prices are per image, and I recommend only having it done when necessary, and only on portraits that you can see yourself having printed. Pricing starts at $1.75 per image and the work is not outsourced. Your images remain safe and sound with me.

Before retouching, no edits at all (basically RAW)

After retouching (done on dad too, to make the image flow)