"Get a window seat honey, 'cause there's so much to see" lorelai gilmore



Why choose me?

What began as a hobby, rapidly turned into a passion for capturing cultivating and mesmerizing shots for wedding and portrait clients. After my first wedding I was hooked on the industry. With over 2 and a half years of professional experience. I have the knowledge and talent that you are looking for. From the beginning stages, to the end stages, all the way to after the wedding day, I will have your back.

I have completed formal education from the New York Institute of Photography, as well as education on posing and lighting (flash expertise), and I continuously invest in my education to stay up to date on trends, technology, and more. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America, and I have been published in two magazines for my child portrait work. I have also been featured in South Carolina Voyager Magazine a s a local, small business owner.

Registered as an LLC, licensed in select cities in South Carolina, and insured.

Portrait Photography

Portrait sessions are always available upon request. Portrait sessions include family and extended family, rising seniors, child milestones, headshots, and more. If you have an idea for a session I would love to talk about it with you. Send me an inquiry!

Session investments

Most of my sessions start at $425 and go up from there, depending on what you are booking and how elaborate it is. All sessions now include a Signature Hardcover Book with 10 pages as a print deliverable item. I can provide a personalized quote for your session after our initial phone consultation. *book is only for clients who have spoken and booked with me after May 16th, 2024*


First responders, veterans, active military, licensed teachers and licensed social workers get a 10% discount with me; and wedding services at 5%. *discount is for clients only. If payee is not the client. the discount does not apply* Referral discount and returning client discount are available as well.

My business was formed out of love. And love is what I know.

Ashley Painter Photography does not discriminate against any type of love, skin color, religion or lack there of, ethnicity, sex or gender.

Wedding and session day are more than just showing up with a camera.

Being prepared is essential, especially in this field. I bring a main camera and back up. I bring lighting equipment, several extra batteries for everything, a 300w power pack, a small step stool, clear umbrellas, a pop-up changing tent (when needed or requested), extra SD cards, rain gear for myself and my equipment, a tripod, and the printed version of the in-depth questionnaire that you will fill out and return to me before wedding day. How can she possibly carry all of this and still do her job? Simple: utility wagon. Sleek, black in color, and collapsable. Additionally, I hire out for an assistant for bigger jobs.

When I get home, I immediately upload your memories to my desktop, save them to an external SSD, and go even further by keeping the memory card (one of the dual memory cards I shoot with) until your gallery has been safely delivered to you. As for my gear, the utmost care is taken. From my coursework in professional photography, I am aware of the proper care and upkeep necessary for items like SD cards, camera bodies, lenses, and lighting.

On wedding day, you'll see me dressed professionally, with clean and comfortable sneakers. My hair will be neat and tidy, usually in a French braid, and if it's cooler, I may be wearing my professionally embroidered shell jacket. I picked each piece of my outfit for a reason. I am not there to be seen. To do my job I need to be comfortable, able to move, and able to stay safe. I will move in weird, unnatural, and awkward ways if it means getting a great shot. I will take my shoes off and walk into a creek if it means getting the shot. I will climb on the back of the groom if it means getting the shot (it has happened). My wedding day outfit has been designed to allow me to do all of this with as much ease as possible.

Giving back

Giving back is in my blood. I feel a powerful pull to human service. If you are a registered non profit in need of fundraising, please contact me for information about my "donated mini sessions". In a nut-shell, I will plan a mini session, and donate 50% of the session fee to your organization.

If your someone you know has a child with a documented terminal illness, I will provide a one time session, free of charge. Sessions are based on availability for my schedule, and location. I will do my best to accommodate anyone in this situation. Available for Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley Counties.

A small collection of my work